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If you want your business to grow, you need a content strategy

If you want your target audience to find you online, you need a content strategy.

If you want to grow your brand authority and online presence, you need a content strategy.

Without content, no one knows who you are or what you do. You could say you’re an attorney who helps small businesses avoid legal pitfalls, but how does a small business owner who stumbles across your site really know you can help them?

Here’s what the buyer journey tends to look like:

Leah just started her small business and she’s so excited about it that she’s telling all her friends. Then one of her friends tells her they just had a legal battle over the name of their company. Someone else started using the same name, and despite having used that company name for years, Leah’s friend never bothered to trademark the name or the logo they created. Now they’re afraid their business might be at stake.

Determined not to suffer the same fate, Leah gets online and searches “trademark attorney in my area.” Will she find your law firm?

If your law firm’s website don’t have a blog, and/or web pages that have been optimized for search engines, you’ve made it significantly less likely you’ll show up in searches, making it harder for Leah to find you. A good content marketer can make sure your content is optimized for your target audience.

If you don’t have a blog, but you still manage to show up in the top 10 Google results, congratulations! Now what?

Once Leah finds her way to your site, she’s going to look around to make sure you’re the real deal. She’ll look for a blog, testimonials, and probably your About page before sending you an email or picking up the phone. If you haven’t hired a professional content marketer to create all that content for you, chances are Leah is going to click away and see what other law firms out there can give her more information.

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