You’ve worked hard to grow your audience, but not everyone in your audience is ready to become a client just yet. Maybe they don’t have the funds yet, or they don’t fully understand what you do, or maybe they’re just not ready for whatever it is you offer. Regardless of the reason, those prospects can turn into clients later on down the line, but only if they remember who you are and why they should work with you over someone else.

The trick is to stay top of mind with your prospects. With the right content marketing strategy you can:

  • Position yourself as an authority in your industry;
  • Educate your audience on what you provide and why they need it; and
  • Lead prospects through the buyer journey so you get high-quality leads reaching out to you so you don’t have to go looking for them.

Alison has been writing for me for many years. She can tackle any subject, and do it with complete professionalism. My clients and I are all very happy with the content Alison writes for us. If you need someone to take over your copywriting, hiring Alison is a no brainer.

Danelle Brown, queen bee consulting

You’re Ready to Start Lead Nurturing with Content Marketing if…

  • Your audience is shrinking or remaining stagnant, despite your efforts to grow your audience, because you’re not lead nurturing;
  • You’re too busy with client work to actively reach out to leads to remind them you exist;
  • The people you talk to don’t know what you do.

You’re NOT Ready to Start Lead Nurturing with Content Marketing if…

  • You already have more leads than you can handle;
  • You’re not looking to grow your business;
  • You already have lots of high-quality leads reaching out to ask about working with you.

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